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Landscaping Plants Available

Despite the tornado which destroyed the greenhouse, we do have some plants available this Spring.

Especially, perennial Herbs, Landscaping plants and Blueberry Bushes.  The Blueberry Bushes have been grown organically, as have all the other plants.

We are not open regular hours due to the extended illness of a family member(s); and the injuries to others; plus the storm damage that we are recovering from on the farm. If you wish to make an appointment to come out to see the plants, please call, or text: 423 284 0899 – Georgia’s Cellphone or Email: or

Some of the plants that we have available include:

White Lilac bushes: wonderful old fashioned white with heady aroma. Stays under 8 feet tall. $7.50 and up.

Blueberry bushes: Jersey: 4-5 y/o plants that will produce this year: $36.00  Duke: 2-3 y/o plants, will most likely produce this year: $15.00 Raised organically.

Various landscaping plants: Ornamental Plums, with dark burgundy red foliage; English Yew bushes; Historic Lady Banks Roses, aka the Yellow Rose of Texas – not an actual Rose; and others: $7.50 and up.

Rosemary bushes – can be planted outside.

Various culinary herbs: raised organically. $4.00 and up

Bamboo: $35.00 a clump; Discounts for 3 or more.  Dig your own.

Tansy: Ant repellent historic plants. Small yellow decorative flower. Grow 4-5 feet high. $10.00 and up.

And some other plants are available.  I’ll list them as we go along cleaning up around the greenhouse area.

Thank you to all our friends and family who have assisted us during the illness and tornado damage.

Please also see the website for the horses at:

Registered Morgan Horses: Stallions, Mares and Geldings. All ages. At various levels of training. Trained to saddle and cart. $2,000.00 and up.
San helps out at the organic greenhouse


Surviving the Storms/Tornados
April 28, 2011, 3:00 pm
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This is a quick post. More to follow.
As far as we know, all our friends and family have survived the storms/tornados. No one has power. All of our immediate family and critters are ok.
Most of our builldings had little damage. Some fencing was damaged, but the horses are all ok.
Friends in Bradley County lost all their farm buildings, but family and home are alright. Other friends had little damage.
Friends in McMinn County are flooded in; but they, home, and critters are all ok.
Britta is working in Arizona, and smoke is in the air from fires…but she is well.
We will update you with amusing stories, later…for instance Foxy and CL’s very heavy dog box stories…but for now…love and hugs to all our family and many friends…and prayers for all our friends, neighbors and customers…and the greater community of the world.
Hugs to all.
The Denman, McGee and Bayard Families

We’ve been planting and harvesting!
May 21, 2010, 4:28 am
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Caitrin and Kathy have been busy planting. We have all sorts of vegetable plants in the ground. Don’t worry though. It is not to late to start a garden; or add some more to your garden.

We are also harvesting. The other night John and I ate our whole dinner from the farm. Egg salad with our eggs; and several different veggies.

We have a couple different kinds of lettuce; French Breakfast Radishes; tiny zucchini and yellow crookneck squash; sorrel; and more.

We do not always have alot of produce available. We mostly sell the plants. But what we do have available, we’ll sell. And we have lots of nice plants ready to go in a garden.  Some are popular varieties.  But most are unusual varieties.

Of course, we specialize in culinary herbs and unusual, heirloom, and ethnic varieties of vegetables. We have pepper plants from mild to HOT available; including ones that can be grown in container gardens or as specimens in pots.  And our tomato plants are still beautiful.  We stagger our plantings so that they do not get overgrown.

Some of us will be at the Liberty Classic Horse show competing and cheering on our friends.  Some of us will be at the Farm.  It is going to rain part of the weekend, but not all…and the temperatures will be pleasant.  Perfect planting weather.  Come visit.