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2011 Spring Open House And Plant Sale

2011 Spring Open House and Plant Sale
Saturday, April 9th, 2011
10:00am to 4:00pm
We are a small family farm. We grow 98% of our plants ourselves. Everything is organically grown and while we have some common varieties, we mostly concentrate on Unusual and Unique culinary herbs and HEIRLOOM and ethnic varieties of vegetable plants, especially Tomatoes and Peppers.
We also have Blueberry bushes and some other fruiting plants and perennials.
We have limited space and only grow a small amount of each of many varieties. We will have over 30 types of Heirloom, Ethnic and other Tomatoes; and over 75 types of sweet, mild to HOT peppers. We do take requests and deposits.

Antique Shop on the farm, with glass, china, vintage hats and jewelry +

Gift certificates AVAILABLE, for any amount.

Also the largest herd of Registered Morgan Horses in the south. Foals to senior citizens; stallions, mares, and geldings. Historic bloodlines in people-friendly, gorgeous, intelligent horses. Mostly Blacks and Bays, some Chestnuts, and a Palomino.
The Blue Ridge Morgan Horse Youth Group, Appalachian Riders, will be presenting some of the horses during the Open House.

House plants ON SALE NOW.

Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00am until 4:00 pm, year round.
The Greenhouse At Morgan Lane
2214 Columbus Road, Delano, TN, 37325
Off Rte. 163-Bowater Road, Delano, TN, 37325
use either McMinn County Routes 969 or 970


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Autumn Plant SALE continued

Autumn is a wonderful time to be out in the garden; and our SALE on just about everything at the Greenhouse is going to be continued through the end of the month.

We specialize in Culinary Herbs, and Heirloom vegetable plants, as you can see on the main parts of the website and other “blog” postings.  Here are a few “NON-edible” plants that we raise and can recommend to Gardeners.

The Yellow Ginger is Blooming, and the fragrance is wonderful.  The plants are similar to a Canna, but with a pleasant fragrance, and more resistance to Japanese Beetles than a Canna.  They make a lovely specimen plant in a tub.  Or, they can be divided and planted at the back of a perennial garden, or border.  These NON-edible Ginger plants are from stock brought directly from Hawaii, and have been doing well here in Tennessee.  They are perennial, and drought tolerant, and the tubers can be left in the ground, if planted there, where they will winter-over and multiply.

They are ON Sale from $10.95 to $29.95 for an extra-large tub with plenty of stalks. The tubs are worth that alone!

We have tubs of Mexican Sage ON Sale also.  These Purple hued beauties dance in the breeze, and look spectacular in tubs placed near the Yellow Ginger.  The Mexican Sage is a NON-Edible, Tender Perennial, to be treated like an Annual.  You either need to let it die; or bring it inside prior to the killing Frost, for the Winter.  These tubs are $9.50 for a few smaller ones to $27.50 for extra-large, very full tubs.

A third NON-Edible plant that we have ON Sale at the moment is Zebra Grass.   These tall, wavy stalks are striped like a zebra, of course.  They make a nice year-round feature in a border or planting bed. We have good sized plants in pots ranging from $5.95 to $11.95, ON Sale.

Tuesday through Saturday, we will have a Daily Special also…

So, come see the Morgan Horses and the lovely scenery, and participate in the specials occurring in the Antique Shop too.

Autumn Plant Sale – almost every plant ON SALE

We are having a Fall Greenhouse Sale at our Organic greenhouse. Come enjoy the fresh air, gorgeous scenery, and see the beautiful Morgan Horses.

We have quality, farm raised, organically grown plants at reasonable prices all year round.

During this Autumn sale, almost every plant will be on sale.

Houseplants, including hanging baskets of ferns, table and window plants, including philodendrons are all ½ off. Plants previously $9.95 are just $5.00; plants previously $4.95 are just $2.50. Rarer Eyelash Begonias are $1.00 off. Christmas cacti are $1.00 off.


Almost all the plants are raised right here on the farm.

Even the houseplants are organically grown.

Drought tolerant perennials are $1.00 off any size.

Did you know that pepper plants can be brought in as houseplants to enjoy this Autumn, and perhaps Winter over? We have gorgeous shapes of peppers, in Autumn and Winter colors, from MILD to SEARINGLY HOT.

Peppers are actually a Tender Perennial. This means that they can be treated as an annual, and left to die in the first frost, or kept in a pot as a houseplant. If kept in a pot, they can come inside for the Winter, and will keep producing peppers.

Depending on your care of them, they will live through Autumn, or will make it through to start a fresh early crop in the Spring.

They may lose some leaves during the transition. But they will perk back up.

Keep them in a sunny window, but not touching the glass in the cold weather.

Regularly $1.50 to $2.50 depending on the size of the plant and/or rarity, all the peppers, including the very edible ornamentals, are on sale: $1.50 pots are on sale for 5 for $5.00. $2.50 pots are on sale at 3 for $5.00. You may mix and match varieties.

We have over 75 different varieties of pepper plants that we grow. Not all are available all the time. Please see our 2010 list of pepper plants for their descriptions.

We have never had a sale on our culinary herbs. Most of them are drought tolerant and perennial. They are also on sale at $1.00 off of whatever size pot. Many can be brought inside for use as Kitchen Window plants.

We also specialize in berry bushes. We will have some For Sale, but not on sale. We also have some flowering, and non-flowering, shrubs For Sale.

Our Muscovey Ducks have hatched ducklings; and some of our chickens have hatched baby chicks….They will also be available for view and purchase.

The Antique Shop will also be Open during regular hours, with10 % off in the Shop, this Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Gift Certificates available for any amount.

YARD SALE and Sale at the Shops and the Greenhouse at Morgan Lane
August 31, 2010, 7:59 pm
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Please see the blog on the Antiques Shop’s web site regarding a Yard Sale and a sale at the Shop and the Greenhouse.

Thursday, September 2nd

Friday, September 3rd

Saturday, September 4th

9:00 am to 2:00 pm each day for the Yard Sale at 137 McMinn County Road 860 (Strawberry Lane) Delano, TN, off the Bowater Road, Route 163.


10:00 am to 4:00 pm each day for the sales at the Antique Shop and the Greenhouse, here on the Farm, 2214 Columbus Road, (McMinn County Road 969) Delano, TN, also off the Bowater Road, Route 163.

Lots and Lots of terrific items and special sales.