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2011 Spring Open House And Plant Sale

2011 Spring Open House and Plant Sale
Saturday, April 9th, 2011
10:00am to 4:00pm
We are a small family farm. We grow 98% of our plants ourselves. Everything is organically grown and while we have some common varieties, we mostly concentrate on Unusual and Unique culinary herbs and HEIRLOOM and ethnic varieties of vegetable plants, especially Tomatoes and Peppers.
We also have Blueberry bushes and some other fruiting plants and perennials.
We have limited space and only grow a small amount of each of many varieties. We will have over 30 types of Heirloom, Ethnic and other Tomatoes; and over 75 types of sweet, mild to HOT peppers. We do take requests and deposits.

Antique Shop on the farm, with glass, china, vintage hats and jewelry +

Gift certificates AVAILABLE, for any amount.

Also the largest herd of Registered Morgan Horses in the south. Foals to senior citizens; stallions, mares, and geldings. Historic bloodlines in people-friendly, gorgeous, intelligent horses. Mostly Blacks and Bays, some Chestnuts, and a Palomino.
The Blue Ridge Morgan Horse Youth Group, Appalachian Riders, will be presenting some of the horses during the Open House.

House plants ON SALE NOW.

Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00am until 4:00 pm, year round.
The Greenhouse At Morgan Lane
2214 Columbus Road, Delano, TN, 37325
Off Rte. 163-Bowater Road, Delano, TN, 37325
use either McMinn County Routes 969 or 970


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2011 Heirloom Vegetable Plants


Caitrin sent me a picture today from the greenhouse. The first of the tomato seeds have sprouted, and are sending tiny seedlings up from the trays.

She is busily planting mostly the Heirloom varieties of Tomato and Pepper plants at the moment.

Some of our most requested varieties are back this year.  Also, new varieties have made the list for this year.  We haven’t changed the website yet, but I’ve been working on the Lists of Plants.

If you just can’t wait to know what we are growing this year, come visit. Or, send me an email…and I’ll let you know some of the plans.  Keep watch here for more news about the plants that we’ll have available, and other organic gardening information. We do take requests and pre-orders. We only grow limited quantities of each variety.  So, if you have a special request get it to us early!   We’ll do our best to please.

Also, we’ll have some more recipes and herb use ideas on the website and here in my blog.

We also carry the complete line of Jim Long Herb books, with most always available. Jim has interesting historical herb books also.  Come see them in the Shop.  They are reasonably priced and are great to refer to over and over.  If you decide to order from their website, just tell them that Georgia at Morgan Lane sent you.

We have lots of reasonably priced items for Valentine’s Day, or just a special treat.

Also, I’ve been interviewed for a blog on how to incorporate old-time ideas in to modern living, especially the organic growing and the heirloom plant varieties.

Anne will probably be writing several different blogs from her visit to our farm.  Please check out her very interesting down-home blog.                        

I am available for lectures on Herbs, Organic Growing, Antiques, or a variety of other topics.

We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00pm.  Come spend a few minutes or a few hours. We are glad to see you, and there is always something new in the Shop, the fields, or the greenhouse.


This is the Final Week of our Autumn Plant SALE:

Tuesday, September 28 until Saturday, October 2nd, 10am until 4pm.

Our Autumn Sale on plants continues this week. Please see our previous blogs for details regarding the SALE.  Included are: Houseplants, Hanging Baskets, Perennials, Culinary Herbs, Pepper plants, and MORE.

Two perennial plants that we have on sale are two varieties of Echinacea, paradoxa and tennesseensis; and Shasta Daisies.


E. paradoxa is an Ozark native. This lovely plant is very sturdy, and unique, featuring yellow flowers, with wide petals. 24 – 36” tall.

E. tennesseensis is a native Tennessee perennial. It is listed on the US Fish and Wildlife Services’ list of endangered plants. Please do not dig it up in the wild! Or pick the flowers in the wild! We have nicely grown, reasonably priced plants from commercial seed. All our plants are grown organically too! The purple petals on this plant are narrow and upturned. 12 to 24” tall.

Shasta Daisies are another of our featured plants currently ready for Autumn planting. We have had enormous clumps form in a couple years of this happy looking, drought tolerant perennial. Shasta Daisies are white petaled with yellow centers. They bloom in early through mid-summer and provide a great neutral background and filler plant for mixed perennial borders. They are also great on a bank or in a terraced plan. 24-36” tall and wide.

Almost all of our plants are currently On SALE.

All the Muscovey Ducklings have been SOLD.  Thank You. Watch for news of more hatchings.

This week is the U S Route 411 Yard Sale, and there are Fall Festivals this coming weekend in Benton and Etowah.

While you are out for a drive, stop in and see us.

We’ll have SALES in the Antique Shop too.

Beautiful Morgan Horses; Gorgeous Scenery; & Organically Raised Plants.  Reasonable prices.

2010 TasteBuds Local Food Guide Available Free
June 18, 2010, 5:44 pm
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The newest edition of the TasteBuds Local Food Guide is now available, free, in our Shop during regular business hours.

Crabtree Farms has developed the guide to local farm and specialty food providers in the area. The TasteBuds Local Food Guide connects consumers with local food and farms through a printed food guide and a website.

While the Guide is Chattanooga based, it includes farmers, grocers, farm markets, and food artisans from a wider area than one might expect. There is a map of the Guide’s coverage area and a key to which producers are in what counties.  Several of the farms, including ours, produce organically. There are meat producers that offer healthily and humanely grown and slaughtered animals for the carnivores.  And wineries/breweries.  Also bakers for desserts to complete a meal. 

Crabtree Farms is a non-profit dedicated to connecting Chattanoogans with locally grown fresh food.  Here on our farm, we have encouraged our Chattanooga and Cleveland customers, in particular, to visit Crabtree Farms and their farmstand. The Tastebuds Local Food Guide was first produced by Crabtree Farms in 2009. To learn more about Crabtree Farms, and check what is in season at the farmstand and special events that are occurring at the farm…visit There are also volunteer opportunities to assist at the farm and to help improve access to locally grown food in the area. 

According to the TasteBuds website: The TasteBuds Local Food Guide was ‘developed by Crabtree Farms with the cooperation of many local farmers, chefs, moms and other “vocal locals”.  An Advisory Committee and Steering Committee met to shape the content and the look of this important local food guide for Chattanooga.’ ‘The 2010 TasteBuds guide is funded by the Benwood Foundation, with support from Gaining Ground.’ ‘The “TasteBuds” name and logo were developed by university students as a project of the Professional Practices for Graphic Design class at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. The students worked with Leadership Chattanooga and Crabtree Farms in 2009 to bring the TasteBuds Local Food Guide to life!’ 

In addition to the Local Food Guide, which is just a really terrific resource for finding what is available, and where, in So Eastern Tennessee, there is also a magnet that gives a food wheel of what fruits and vegetables are in season. There are also TasteBuds bumper stickers available. All these items are available during our regular business hours for free in our Shops. 

The Shops at Morgan Lane are open Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00am until 4:00pm at 2214 Columbus Road, Delano, TN, 37325. We have organically raised culinary herbs at all times; plants and some produce. Please check for availability.

We’ve been planting and harvesting!
May 21, 2010, 4:28 am
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Caitrin and Kathy have been busy planting. We have all sorts of vegetable plants in the ground. Don’t worry though. It is not to late to start a garden; or add some more to your garden.

We are also harvesting. The other night John and I ate our whole dinner from the farm. Egg salad with our eggs; and several different veggies.

We have a couple different kinds of lettuce; French Breakfast Radishes; tiny zucchini and yellow crookneck squash; sorrel; and more.

We do not always have alot of produce available. We mostly sell the plants. But what we do have available, we’ll sell. And we have lots of nice plants ready to go in a garden.  Some are popular varieties.  But most are unusual varieties.

Of course, we specialize in culinary herbs and unusual, heirloom, and ethnic varieties of vegetables. We have pepper plants from mild to HOT available; including ones that can be grown in container gardens or as specimens in pots.  And our tomato plants are still beautiful.  We stagger our plantings so that they do not get overgrown.

Some of us will be at the Liberty Classic Horse show competing and cheering on our friends.  Some of us will be at the Farm.  It is going to rain part of the weekend, but not all…and the temperatures will be pleasant.  Perfect planting weather.  Come visit.

New article: Herbs to enhance cooking your fish


The Hunting and Fishing Expo in Etowah, TN was great this past weekend. We handed out alot of flyers about all the exciting things happening on the farm, displayed some hunting and fishing antiques, our great line of Pacifica candles, soaps and body butters, and displayed some of the many culinary herbs and organically raised vegetables plants that we have for sale at the farm.

To go along with the Expo, I wrote an article about Herbs to use to enhance cooking with fish. Noel has it up on the website. So, please go take a look. Any questions, feel free to ask via email or comments on the blog…or better yet, come by and visit!

If you have a way that you use herbs to cook your fish, please share it with us.

4th Annual Etowah Fishing & Hunting Expo 2010
April 28, 2010, 12:35 am
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Join us in Etowah for the Hunting and Fishing Expo, this weekend.
Saturday – May 1st, 9 am – 6 pm
& Sunday – May 2nd, 9 am – 5 pm

Maxine Jones, an organizer of the Event, said  that there will be: Sports Vendors, State Exhibits, Demonstrators, Antique Sports Memorabilia, Arts & Crafts, Fun, Food, Music, Door Prizes, and Much More

The Event will be held out on the front lawn of the Historic L & N Depot in Etowah, TN

Chris Bailey, owner and producer of REEL OUTDOORS TV is going to be a guest speaker and demonstrator at the 2010 Etowah Fishing and Hunting Expo. He will be filming, demonstrating, and showing some of his famous fishing and hunting experiences captured live from many parts of the world.
Mr. Bailey won first place for his film footage the first year he went live TV with Reel Outdoors TV and has won several other awards since. You can go to and check out some of his awesome photos.

We will also be open both days of the weekend for the same hours, here at our farm.  We will be having specials that relate to the Hunting and Fishing Expo; and specials for Mother’s Day, which is just a flip of the calendar away, on the next weekend in May, Sunday, the 9th.

Come see us at the Expo and also here on the farm.  We will tell you about herbs that enhance your catch of the day…whether it is from the river or lake or grocery store!