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It is not too late to plant in your garden


It’s time for a second garden.

If your zucchini has withered and your beans have played out, it is not too late to plant at least one more garden!

We stagger plantings here on the farm from Spring through Autumn, tucking plants in here or there and adding another row, or set of containers.  But if you garden in just a certain space, and you now have rows that need to be pulled up, it isn’t too late to add something new.

We have a few heirloom tomato plants for a late garden.  Also some containers of patio, or cherry type, tomatoes.

There are many varieties of peppers…compact, ornamentals from child-safe to EXTREMELY HOT; tall varieties and shorter garden plants from Bells to searing HEAT.

We have some Coneflowers (Echinaceas) to give you a start on your Autumn flower beds; Very Fragrant yellow non-edible Ginger plants that are more bug resistant than Cannas; and, naturally, we have many many culinary herbs!

We have sage, thyme, oregano, and other useful kitchen garden herbs.

Everything is organically grown and safe to eat.


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