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Planting Tomato plants on Memorial Day Weekend
May 23, 2009, 7:59 pm
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When I was a child, and later as an adult, living in New England, we always planted our Tomato plants at Memorial Day Weekend.

It was a busy time, with parades, family cookouts, and so forth…but we fit it in, as it was likely to be past the last killing frosts, and the growing season is short.

We grew some plants from seed that my Grandfather saved, or that he ordered by mail, or we went to the nursery and bought plants there. It depended mostly on the variety.

We usually grew ‘old-fashioned’ varieties for their excellent taste. We also grew a few of the ‘modern’ hybrids, just to try them out.

Now, down here in the Middle South of Eastern Tennessee, we start our Tomato plants by the end of January in the Greenhouse, and set them out about six weeks earlier than up North. Our last frost date is in mid-April here in Delano.

We grow several more varities than my grandfather did in his home garden. Mostly though, we grow ‘old-fashioned’ varities that he would be familiar with, and ethnic specialties that have excellent taste. We do grow a few hybids too…for those ‘modern’ folks.

We’re a small family farm, so we mostly sell the plants in the Spring…and don’t sell much produce.

We eat alot of Tomato sandwiches in the Summer. Dr. John grew up in south Jersey…Campbell’s territory. So he is really fussy about the taste of his Tomatoes.

We also freeze some as stewed Tomatoes for Soups, Stews, etc over the Winter.

We also make Fresh salsa with our Cuban Oregano herb plants, and our hot & sweet specialty peppers.

Even though you can plant Tomato plants earlier down South, it is NOT TOO LATE to get some in the ground or in a pot on the patio.

We are still tucking plants in here and there, and turning over new garden space.

On this Holiday weekend, while we are remembering our fallen heros, and decorating our families’ graves, remember the joys of that first ripe Tomato of the season, and don’t forget to plant some Tomatoes.


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